4 Signs of Fibromyalgia Besides Chronic Pain

4 Signs of Fibromyalgia Besides Chronic Pain

Chronic body-wide pain is perhaps the most notable sign of fibromyalgia, but it’s certainly not the only symptom. Known as a “silent disease,” fibromyalgia can impact your quality of life in many ways.

Below, Brenton Wynn, MD, highlights four other signs of fibromyalgia and how we at Wynn Over Pain can help if you’re suffering from this disease.

1. Your quality of sleep has plummeted 

It’s no surprise that intense musculoskeletal pain interferes with your quality of sleep. You might:

All of these sleep complications have one result: excruciating fatigue. You may feel inclined to nap throughout the day if you can’t get enough rest at night. In addition to managing the pain, you can help promote better sleep by practicing sleep hygiene; sleeping in a cool, dark room; and exercising throughout the day to help reset your circadian rhythm.

2. You have signs of anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety are two types of mood disorders that can occur in people who don’t have fibromyalgia. However, if you have fibromyalgia, you’re at risk for developing one (or both) of these conditions. 

Approximately 20% of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia also suffer from depression and/or anxiety. Pain and mood disorders have a complex relationship. Pain can make depression and anxiety worse, but the reverse is also true. Depression can make pain feel more intense.

3. You have brain fog

Brain fog ーreduced cognitive ability or “fuzzy thinking” ー is so common in people with fibromyalgia that it’s earned its own name: fibro fog. Fibro fog is only made worse with poor sleep quality. 

4. You have stomach issues 

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is another potential sign of fibromyalgia. As many as 70% of people with fibromyalgia also experience IBS. This condition is characterized by inflammation in your stomach and intestines. Common symptoms include pain, cramping, gas and bloating, and diarrhea and/or constipation.

Exercise can help you manage IBS. Because stress is a trigger for IBS, exercising can help you manage IBS by reducing stress. Other IBS treatments include adding more fiber to your diet, limiting dairy products, and avoiding your specific IBS triggers.

Get relief from fibromyalgia 

Our team at Wynn Over Pain understands how debating fibromyalgia can be, and it’s our mission to help you find relief from not only the pain it causes, but also its other symptoms. 

Before shaping your treatment plan, Dr. Wynn reviews the severity of your pain, your symptoms, and your personal and family medical history. While there isn’t a cure for fibromyalgia, there are many lifestyle modifications and treatments to help decrease your pain while improving your overall function. Examples of potential treatments include:

Fibromyalgia help is just a call or click away. If you spot any of these signs of fibromyalgia, call our National City, California, office or book an appointment online.

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